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Garage Door Opener Safety Tips For Parents

Children may just get excited about playing with the garage door because of its ability to move. To safeguard the lives of your children and their playmates, you will need to take certain precautions. Even if you really feel that your electric door openers or sears craftsman garage door remote will never be operated without pressing the buttons, they may still be seriously hazardous to the children. In fact, there are several accidents and tragedies involving children of ages 2 to 14 that have been reported, and most of them result in severe injuries and death.
Always make sure that your garage door opener has been fitted properly by a professional technician. You can confirm this by checking how the door opens and closes. Teach your children to stay away from the door, particularly when it is on the move.
Keep the remotes and transmitters out of the reach of your children. When children get used to operating the door, they would do so even in your absence and you may only find them badly hurt when you arrive home.
Children games around the door should be prohibited. Running in and out may just occur when the door is closing and the children may be gravely injured. Ensure that the push button for the garage door is mounted 5 ft. above the floor and far away from the moving parts. The sensor eyes should be properly aligned to ensure that the door can move up into position if somebody walks in front of it while it closes.
Repairing and servicing the garage door is extremely necessary. Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds and will fall down with massive speed and force if broken. Never ignore even a single broken spring; it may just be what makes the difference that saves your child. Also make sure that you use child-safe garage door openers like liftmaster garage door opener to add more safety to your home.
Teach your children never to fit their fingers and hands inside door sections such as hinges, joints, springs, tracks, and other parts. Contact with moving door parts may result in grave injuries.
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