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7 Reasons Why Motorcycles, Toll Roads and Garage Door Remotes Don’t Mix

  1. Garage remotes jam the signal from your transponder every other time you drive through the toll plaza. Since you only have a 50% chance of actually making it through the plaza successfully, obviously, this is the most important reason why motorcycles, toll roads, and garage door openers just don’t mix. 
  2. The remote looks lame suction-cupped to your visor. Regardless of how you jam it in there, a standard 3x5 remote sticks out like a sore thumb. Don't believe me? See one for yourself right here. not to mention the fact that it takes up valuable real estate on what is essentially your windshield. 
  3. Velcro won’t hold the transponder OR remote in place at 60mph. Don’t even try. 
  4. The transponder is a distraction because you’re waving it around like an idiot. The only way you’ll have a fair shot at getting the reader to pick up your transponder signal is if you hold it at a 90-degree angle. Try doing that while maintaining speed, keeping both wheels moving in a straight line, and watching your mirrors for the kamikaze drivers around you.
  5. If you’re passenger holds the transponder they look like a fool waving it around, too. Sure, you can try to improve your own safety by passing of the responsibility of holding the transponder to your passenger. There’s NO way to get around the 90-degree rule, though. 
  6. If you drop either one, you’re wasting money that you could have spent tricking out your bike. Unless you stick the garage door opener remote in the tail compartment, chances are high that you’re going to drop that bad boy. Better read reason number 7 for why this is still not a great solution.  
  7. Keeping the remote in your tail compartment makes opening your garage inconvenient. Just like your transponder, your garage remote needs to be able to send a signal to the opener. If it’s buried under layers of plastic and padding, it won’t work. 
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